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03 - 06 July 2017, Manchester, UK

Thursday 6 July
Manchester Central

For the first time, the BMTA (British Measurement and Testing Association) will host a seminar at mmc2017 on Industrial Optical Inspection.
The Optical Measurements in Industrial Inspection Seminar will offer laboratory and test house managers the chance to find out more about optical, microscopic and SEM techniques used in materials inspection.

The admission price and the programme timings of the seminar will include lunch and refreshments and the opportunity to spend time in the mmc2017 exhibition.

The seminar programme can be viewed below. Or, you can download a browser friendly version of the programme.

Registration is now open! Registration for the seminar is £60.

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Thursday 6 July

09.30: Coffee and Tea

09.45: Introduction by Royal Microscopical Society President

10.00: Aspirin to Aircraft – Measurement and Testing

Mike Ashton, Senior Technologist (Microscopy), Intertek

Working in microscopy for the consumer industry has often required the reworking of standard microscopy measurement and associated preparation techniques, for both the science community and the end consumer. Within this talk I hope to highlight the role microscopy plays in the production of drugs, through quality control to how personal products are perceived and advertised and finally to testing jet engines.

10.30: Transmission Electron Microscopy as a quality control tool to accurately measure layer thicknesses: Quantum Cascade Lasers as an example

Dr Thomas Walther, Reader in Advanced Electron Microscopy, University of Sheffield

Transmission electron microscopy can measure layer thicknesses of crystalline materials highly precisely due to its atomic scale resolution, however, the field of view is very limited when working at high magnifications. At lower magnifications crystal lattice planes are not visible, and hysteresis as well as distortions due to the electromagnetic lenses mean that absolute values are hardly more accurate than a few %. In this talk Dr Walther will show how a combination of various imaging techniques can be used to detect ~2% relative changes in layer thicknesses across a stack consisting of 880 individual epitaxial thin layers.

11.00: Inspection Applications for Scanning Electron Microscopy

John Kearney, Technologist, 4-Rail Ltd

Failure of components is of serious concern to operators of equipment for several reasons including lost operating revenue, risk of damage to associated equipment and the risk of serious injury to operational staff and customers. Examination by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) coupled with elemental analysis can reveal features normally too small to be seen by the naked eye. These are often important in order to fully understand the events leading to failure.

11.30: Break for Lunch and Time in the mmc2017 Exhibition

Delegates will be provided with a lunch voucher which can be redeemed at the catering areas

13.30: Optical alignment processes used on the Astute class submarines

Jamie Lindsay, Quality Governance Manager, BAE Systems Submarines

The Astute class submarine equips the UK Royal Navy with its largest and most powerful fleet of attack submarines. As exciting, complex and challenging as any engineering project in the world today, we’re harnessing the optical alignment skills of our workforce and drawing on years of experience to deliver a step change in capability. This presentation will be covering the optical alignment processes used on the Astute class submarines including manufacture, construction and installation.

14.00: Optical inspection techniques

Leon Lobo, BINDT

A review of optical techniques for condition monitoring and non-destructive testing of structures and processes with an emphasis on laser shearography.

14.30: Closing Discussion

15.00: Close

All delegates are invited to join the mmc2017 Closing Drinks Reception and Plenary Lectures following this seminar.

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