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03 - 06 July 2017, Manchester, UK

Deben UK

DEBEN UK Ltd will be showcasing their range of in-situ products for Optical Microscopes, Electron Microscopes, XRD, µXCT, etc. This will cover tensile testing, stage motion control and temperature controlled stages. Also on show will be our range of SEM detector solutions including Cathodoluminescence, STEM and Backscattered electron detectors. Learn more…

Come and discuss your specialist needs for microscope accessories to enhance your laboratory. Learn about what our users are doing with these applications-leading add-ons for research using microscopy.

Heriot Watt Applied Photonics Department use Deben 2kN tensile stage

Dr Peter Schemmel from the team at the Institute of Photonics & Quantum Sciences at Heriot-Watt is focused on the study of stress analysis in ceramics and engineering plastics. He applies the Deben 2kN tensile stage to follow changes in the stress optical coefficient of materials. He says “We must measure the birefringence whilst a known stress is applied to the sample. Deben’s tensile stage is indispensable to this operation. Constant loads can be applied to the sample, over the course of each birefringence measurement.” This stage is an example of how Deben will customise stage design to meet user needs. In this case, the stage had to be machined to accommodate the GHz – THz test beam. Learn more – click on the title above.

University of Oxford uses Deben µXCT stages for materials characterisation

Professor James Marrow leads a research group specialising in the structure-property relationship of a broad range of engineering and natural materials. Based in the Materials Department at the University of Oxford, Marrow’s team use high resolution X-ray computed tomography (ZEISS Xradia 510 Versa) to make in situ studies using Deben’s family of µXCT stages of three-dimensional deformation and damage (e.g. digital volume correlation). There is a particular interest in materials for energy. Most recently, Professor Marrow has used the Deben CT5000 at the Diamond Light Source synchrotron x-ray facility at Harwell.

Deben supports science at University of Oxford

Deben and the University combine in gaining one of four annual Summer Studentships awarded by the RMS. Summer Studentships are part of the RMS’ active Outreach programme. One of the two to be awarded in the physical sciences has gone to a student in his 3 rd year of a Masters in Engineering at the University of Oxford. Yekuan Shentu will use his studentship to conduct a project combining academia and industry. He will spend time in Oxford and at Deben using advanced in situ microscopy techniques to characterise the high rate behaviour of polymers under quasi- static conditions.

Elsewhere at Oxford, the Laboratory for In situ Microscopy and Analysis (LIMA) at the Department of Engineering Science is pleased to announce a three year sponsorship agreement with Deben . This major boost from the company will ensure the long term running of the facility and maintain its competitiveness across Academia and Industry. The LIMA Facility Manager, Dr Kalin Dragnevski, said “The sponsorship will not only strengthen our well-established and fruitful relationship with Deben but will also allow us to continue our fundamental research in the areas of in situ mechanical testing, which is aimed at improving existing and developing new products for a better understanding of complex material behaviour.”

Deben’s web site provides comprehensive product details and applications examples. Visit or call (+44) (0)1359 244 870 and find out how Deben may help you today.

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