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03 - 06 July 2017, Manchester, UK

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mmc2017 Commercial Workshops - Tuesday 4 July 2017
Time Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4
1130 Agar Scientific
Sample Preparation Solutions for Material Science. Cutting, polishing, lapping embedding, coating for microscopy laboratories
Carl Zeiss
Opportunities in X-Ray Microscopy to Extend and Complement the Materials Characterization Lab
1200* Linkam Scientific Instruments
Sample Characterisation of a Gummy Bear
Media Cybernetics
From Counting Cells to Digital Pathology Image Analysis
Cairn Research
Low-cost modular TIRF and STORM system using multimode diode lasers and optical fibres
Indica Labs
HALO: Image Analysis for Digital Pathology
1230* Andor Technology
Dragonfly: A New and Innovative Multi-modal Imaging Platform. Reasons to Consider Dragonfly as your next Confocal Solution
51 years and 85 JEOL SEMs. What Now and What Next?
Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly FEI)
Talos LI 20C: Next Generation TEM for 2D Imaging, (Cryo-)Tomography & CLEM
Bruker Nano GmbH
Advances in Material Characterization
1300* CoolLED Ltd
LED Illumination in Fluorescence Microscopy: Not Just a Light Source
Imaging the Impossible: In Situ Electron Microscopy
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Very large area EDS Phase Mapping. Seeing the bigger picture in your STEM
Leica Microsystems UK
SP8 DIVE: Deep In Vivo Explorer
1330* Andor Technology
SRRF-Stream: A Real Time Approach to Super-Resolution Microscopy through Super Resolution Radial Fluctuations (SRRF)
Imaging the Impossible: In Situ Electron Microscopy
Cairn Research
Revolutionary approaches to TIRF imaging and super-resolution for real time quantification of data
Leica Microsystems UK
New DMi8 S – Cutting Edge Live Cell Imaging System
1400 Bitplane – Imaris
Imaris for Neuroscientists: Innovative Approach for Tracing Neurons within Dense Neural Networks
Carl Zeiss
Connectomics and ZEISS MultiSEM - the fastest scanning electron microscope in the world enables extreme-scale electron microscopy
WITec GmbH
High Performance Correlative 3D Raman Imaging
Photometrics UK
Back-illuminated CMOS - reducing our reliance on EMCCD
1430 CoolLED Ltd
LED Illumination in Fluorescence Microscopy: Not Just a Light Source
Agar Scientific
Trusted Microwave Technology and Enhanced Efficiency for Multiple Applications using PELCO Biowave Pro+
1500 Aurox Ltd
Affordable and Laser Free: Personal Confocal Microscopy Solutions from Aurox
1530 Laser 2000
Semrock SearchLight™ Spectral Plotting Tool The Premier Modelling Resource for Fluorescence Microscopists and Optical System Designers
1600 Indica Labs
HALO: Image Analysis for Digital Pathology
Journal of Microscopy
How to get your paper published
Gatan UK
Advances in EELS and EDS Nano-Analysis using Gatan Microscopy Suite
Crystal Structure Determination & Amorphous Materials Characterization using Precession Electron Diffraction in TEM
1630 Image Metrology
Particle Analysis of SEM and SPM Images
Journal of Microscopy
How to get your paper published
Nikon Instruments UK
Hands-Free Conditional Imaging: Creating Custom Unattended Experiments
Hitachi High-Technologies Europe
A Completely New Approach to Analytical STEM
1700   Journal of Microscopy
How to get your paper published

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The British Measurement and Testing Association will hold an Optical Inspection seminar at mmc2017

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93% of exhibition space sold

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Space for mmc2017 is nearly sold out and there are companies still enquiring. Act quickly if you plan to join us.

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