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03 - 06 July 2017, Manchester, UK

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directory_image Abberior Instruments GmbH 504 http://www.abberior-instruments.com
directory_image Acutance Scientific Ltd 715 http://www.acutance.co.uk
directory_image Aerotech Ltd 501 http://www.aerotech.com
directory_image Agar Scientific Ltd 815 http://www.agarscientific.com
directory_image AMETEK B.V. 209 http://www.edax.com
directory_image Anasys Instruments 711 http://anasysinstruments.com
directory_image Andor Technology 309 http://www.andor.com
directory_image Argolight 603 http://www.argolight.com
directory_image arivis AG 529 http://www.arivis.com
directory_image Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments Company 309 http://www.asylumresearch.com
directory_image Aurox Ltd 325 http://www.aurox.co.uk
directory_image BioAxial SAS 623 http://bioaxial.com
directory_image Bitplane 309 http://www.bitplane.com
directory_image BlueScientific 401 http://www.blue-scientific.com
directory_image BMTA 630
directory_image Bruker Nano GmbH 201 http://www.bruker.com/nano-analysis
directory_image Bruker Nano Surfaces 107 http://www.bruker.com/nano
directory_image Cairn Research Ltd 407 http://cairn-research.co.uk
directory_image CAMECA 209 http://www.cameca.com
directory_image Carl Zeiss Ltd (INC AND SMT) 605 & 605b http://www.zeiss.co.uk/microscopy
directory_image ChemoMetec 812 http://www.chemometec.com
directory_image CN Technical Services Ltd 403 http://www.cntech.co.uk
directory_image Confocal.nl 530 http://confocal.nl
directory_image CoolLED Ltd 207 http://www.coolled.com
directory_image Cosmos Biomedical 710 http://www.cosmosbiomedical.com
directory_image Deben UK Ltd 418 http://www.deben.co.uk
directory_image DECTRIS Ltd 427 http://www.dectris.com
directory_image Diatome Ltd 624 http://www.diatome.ch
directory_image Dino-Lite 627 http://www.dinolite-uk.com
directory_image E A Fischione Instruments 319 http://www.fischione.com/
directory_image Electron Microscopy Sciences 405 http://www.emsdiasum.com
directory_image EM Resolutions Ltd 409 http://www.emresolutions.com
directory_image EM System Support Ltd 713 http://emsys.co.uk
directory_image EMSIS GmbH 322 http://www.emsis.eu
directory_image Exprodo Software Limited 104 http://www.exprodo.com/
directory_image Femtonics Ltd 426 http://www.femtonics.eu/
directory_image Gatan UK 817 http://www.gatan.com
directory_image GT Vision Ltd 629 http://www.gtvision.co.uk
directory_image Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd 417 http://www.hamamatsu.com
directory_image HHV Ltd 527 hhtp://www.hhvltd.com
directory_image Hitachi High-Technologies Europe GmbH 301 http://www.hitachi-hightech.com/eu
directory_image HORIBA UK Ltd 424 http://www.horiba.com/uk/scientific
directory_image Hummingbird Scientific 425 http://hummingbirdscientific.com
directory_image ibss Group Inc 502
directory_image Image Metrology A/S 108 http://www.imagemet.com
directory_image IMC19 117 http://www.imc19.com
directory_image Imina Technologies 711 http://www.imina.ch/
directory_image Indica Labs 326 http://indicalab.com
directory_image Integrated Dynamics Engineering 721 http://www.ideworld.com
directory_image International Labmate Ltd 430 http://www.labmate-online.com
directory_image ISP SYSTEM 114 http://www.isp-system.com
directory_image ISS Group Services 319 http://www.iss-group.co.uk
directory_image JEOL (UK) Ltd 823 http://www.jeoluk.com
directory_image JPK Instruments Limited 504 http://www.jpk.com
directory_image KEYENCE UK LTD 110 http://www.keyence.co.uk
directory_image Keysight Technologies 318 http://www.keysight.com/find/nano
directory_image Kleindiek Nanotechnik GmbH 624 http://www.nanotechnik.com
directory_image ​Klocke Nanotechnik GmbH 715
directory_image Laboratory News 404 http://www.labnews.co.uk
directory_image Labtech-EM 624 https://www.labtech.com/em/em-home
directory_image Lambda Photometrics Ltd 621 http://www.lambdaphoto.co.uk
directory_image Laser 2000 (UK) Ltd 531 http://www.laser2000.co.uk
directory_image Laser Lines Ltd 205 http://www.laserlines.co.uk
directory_image LaVision BioTec GmbH 317 http://www.lavisionbiotec.de/index.html
directory_image Leica Microsystems 517 http://www.leica-microsystems.com/home/
directory_image Linkam Scientific Instruments 208 http://www.linkam.co.uk
directory_image LOT-Quantum Design Ltd 717 http://www.lot-qd.co.uk
directory_image Luxendo GmbH 428 http://www.luxendo.eu
directory_image Mantis Deposition / Sigma Surface Science 816 http://www.mantis-sigma.com
directory_image Märzhäuser Wetzlar GmbH & Co. KG 602 http://www.marzhauser.com
directory_image Media Cybernetics 622 http://www.mediacy.com
directory_image Medline Scientific 525 http://www.medlinescientific.com
directory_image Micro to Nano 624 http://www.microtonano.com/
directory_image Microscope Heaters 630 http://www.microscopeheaters.com
directory_image Microscopy & Analysis 807 http://www.microscopy-analysis.com
directory_image Nano-Structured Coatings Co 722 http://www.pvd.ir
directory_image NanoMagnetic Inst. 320 hhtp://www.nanomagnetics-inst.com
directory_image NanoMEGAS 717 http://www.nanomegas.com
directory_image NANOPSIS 524 http://www.nanopsis.com
directory_image neaspec Gmbh 421 http://www.neaspec.com
directory_image Nikon UK Ltd 723 http://www.nikoninstruments.com
directory_image NKT Photonics 619 http://www.nktphotonics.com
directory_image NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments 714 http://www.ntmdt-si.com/
directory_image Object Research Systems 526 http://www.theobjects.com/dragonfly
directory_image Olympus KeyMed 618 http://www.olympus.co.uk
directory_image Omicron-Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH 327 http://www.omicron-laser.de/
directory_image Oxford Instruments Nanoanalysis 309
directory_image Park Systems GmbH 717 http://www.parkAFM.co
directory_image Pepleroptics 627 http://www.pepleroptics.com
directory_image Pfeiffer Vacuum Ltd 707 http://www.pfeiffer-vacuum.com
directory_image Photometrics UK 112 http://www.photometrics.com
directory_image Photon Lines Ltd 327 http://www.photonlines.co.uk
directory_image Photron High Speed Cameras 103 http://photron.com
directory_image PI (Physik Instrumente) Ltd 709 http://www.physikinstrumente.co.uk
directory_image PIEZOCONCEPT 109 http://www.piezoconcept.com
directory_image Princeton Instruments 632 http://www.princetoninstruments.com
directory_image Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd 402 http://www.prior-scientific.co.uk
directory_image Protochips 523 http://www.protochips.com/
directory_image QImaging 112
directory_image Quantum Detectors Ltd 503 http://www.quantumdetectors.com
directory_image Quekett Microscopical Club 708 http://quekett.org
directory_image Quorum Technologies 113 http://quorumtech.com/
directory_image Scanwel Ltd 711 http://www.scanwel.co.uk
directory_image SCIENION AG 429 http://www.scienion.com
directory_image Shared Labs Europe Ltd -3D Macro Micro Nano Measurements 720 http://www.sharedlabseurope.com
directory_image Smaract GmbH 115 http://www.smaract.de
directory_image Solent Scientific 617 http://solentsci.com/
directory_image SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH 711 http://www.specs.com
directory_image SPI Supplies 206 http://www.2spi.com
directory_image Spicer Consulting 323 http://www.spicerconsulting.com
directory_image Stratech Scientific Ltd 324 http://www.stratech.co.uk
directory_image Sysmex Flow Cytometry 528 https://www.sysmex-flowcytometry.com/
directory_image TESCAN UK Ltd 101 http://www.tescan-uk.com/
directory_image Thermo Fisher Scientific 507 http://thermofisher.com
directory_image Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly FEI). 119 http://www.fei.com
directory_image Thorlabs Ltd 422 http://www.thorlabs.com
directory_image Tokai Hit 625 http://www.tokaihit.com
directory_image Tomocube 719 http://www.tomocube.com
directory_image Tron Tech Limited 116 http://www.tron-tech.co.uk
directory_image TVIPS GmbH 423 http://www.tvips.com
directory_image Windsor Scientific Ltd 601 http://www.windsorscientific.co.uk
directory_image WITec 717 http://www.WITec.de
directory_image YODN Lighting Corp. 814 http://www.yodnlighting.com

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Free Exhibition Visitor Registration Open

Posted by: admin

You can now register in advance to access all that the exhibition has to offer including free training opportunities

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New Industry Meeting announced for mmc2017

Posted by: admin

The British Measurement and Testing Association will hold an Optical Inspection seminar at mmc2017

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93% of exhibition space sold

Posted by: admin

Space for mmc2017 is nearly sold out and there are companies still enquiring. Act quickly if you plan to join us.

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